Mo Yeon finds Shi Jin brooding by the spoils watching the old image of your and you may Argus as the comrades-in-fingers

Shi Jin pulls out a much lighter and you will burns the picture

Nursing assistant Ha and you can Dr. They understand she’s experienced a lot and assure the lady you to definitely he’s there on her behalf.

The latest soldiers are on their shirtless morning run hence go out it revolution back at appreciating women. Dr. Song gets thus jealous the guy pulls Nursing assistant Ha away and you will runs off to summon Dae Young back once again to question their lack of propriety when you look at the exercising shirtless. Dae More youthful just chuckles and supply your a soothing tap.

Mo Yeon and you can Shi Jin encounter one another outside and he asks regarding the injury when you are she hears your litttle lady are as well as becoming taken care of. Mo Yeon phone calls out Shi Jin having not telling the girl this new facts, the guy said the youngsters regarding village was in fact safe but really they have been locked up in your house from the Argus. Shi Jin apologizes to own lying and you can did very to not proper care this lady.

Mo Yeon asks just what more he or she is lied regarding the so she actually is not concerned? Shi Jin considers his lies on his gunshot injury and you may other times and you will states they are never ever lied in order to her on the something else. Mo Yeon phone calls him a good liar to help you their deal with while the his lies are incredibly big however, she decided not to put it to use due to the fact good reason to break up type lay. In which he lays while there is risk about those individuals lies and things that can not be generated societal, he glosses more by the kidding all the time. Incase they remain often it someday have absolutely nothing so you’re able to tell both leftover?

Song is likely to Mo Yeon’s neck round injury but she will lose it and you can begins whining

Mo Yeon cries just like the she teaches you her big date back into Seoul, taking resentful and disappointed in the people more incredibly dull one thing. When this woman is which have him she wants to discuss insignificant something one occurred to help you the lady and you may Shi Jin informs the lady which he really wants to hear about what exactly. Mo Yeon understands that the guy wants to listen but she cannot give by herself to fairly share things so you’re able to a man exactly who existence to your precipice of life and death. Mo Yeon rests immediately after which teaches you one to this woman is contemplating if Shi Jin are a guy you to definitely she can deal with, we.age. have the capacity to end up being which have. Mo Yeon treks out leaving Shi Jin brooding more such as for example a beneficial heavy and you will appropriate question.

Shi Jin goes toward send off Argus’s coffin as the becoming mailed from. The usa unique forces thank you so much Shi Jin getting offering him numerous of the latest accounts to type, but it is something they are proud of because it’s really worth the rates to own lifestyle protected. It glance toward Argus’s coffin and you will mourn a man who has zero nation to go back to when you look at the passing. New leader offers Shi Jin farewell with an enthusiastic admonition to stay alive long lasting.

Mo Yeon match into kept medical staff because they able due to their go back to Seoul. Everyone’s impact a little while unfortunate and you may unwilling to leave.

Mo Yeon prospects the group and work out one to finally round during the the health studio plus the basic end try Myung Joo’s bedside. Mo Yeon is content during the rate of the lady recuperation hence Myung Joo services in order to becoming therefore more youthful. Myung Joo ends up Mo Yeon since she is leaving to get the girl doctor, looking into the newest neck gunshot wound and you can reminding the lady to improve the newest bandages and hold off a couple a whole lot more days to help you shower. Individuals smiles from the girls in the long run taking along.