Adam bitterly tells Eli that he doesn’t want so you’re able to damage their absolutely nothing big date

Into the Red Pills (1), Eli says to Adam that he’s bailing on their males evening as the he’s got in order to «research,» however, Adam involves The brand new Dot later on you to definitely mid-day and you will sees Clare and Eli by yourself. During the supper Adam decides to stay which have Fitz unlike Eli and you can Clare to exhibit that he is angry at the them to have becoming a third wheel. After whenever Eli attempts to apologize Adam, Adam requires him to hang aside that nights. not, Eli tells your he currently has actually plans that have Clare however, promises to mention your after. Adam tells him not to ever shame him, and you can Eli reactions from the telling your to prevent pretending such as for example such as for example a female however, easily adds, «Nothing like you to definitely.» Adam however is not convinced that he or she is it is sorry and you can says to your he has got the new nearest and dearest, and you will doesn’t need her or him anymore. In advance of taking walks aside, Eli says to him he do shame him once the Fitz actually his buddy.

Throughout Drops Down (1), Fitz threatens in order to harm Eli

For the Purple Pills (2), Eli and you can Clare just be sure to convince Adam to not ever challenge Fitz to eliminate his trouble. Disregarding the statements Adam strolls out upset claiming he can endeavor his personal fights. Eli informs Clare that they need to end him and you will Clare requires him exactly how. As he does not behave, she says, «For once you really have zero sly arrangements enhance sleeve?» The guy smirks, shakes their direct, and you will walks away. After, Eli matches Adam on the place he could be planning struggle Fitz. Eli informs him that he actually supposed everywhere, and this he’ll continually be truth be told there to stand right up for your, indicating that they’re nearest and dearest once again. If you find yourself Adam is actually fighting Fitz, Clare sets off a stink bomb in order to make a distraction. 

Clare can be seen looking to mask in the dominant just after mode away from a good stink bomb. Eli frightens the lady by springing up behind their and you will saying, «hiding about po-po?» Once a small talk, Eli informs Dominant Simpson you to Fitz put out a good stink bomb throughout a test. Dominating Simpson issues Clare and she states you’ll be able Fitz did they. After Principal departs, Eli informs Clare that there has to be some way she is give thanks to your. She asks exactly what he’s got planned. Eli rapidly responds by swinging on the woman, claiming «better. I don’t know» and kisses the girl. Following hug, Eli informs Clare he has a good French exam. Clare, flustered, replies «I do believe you merely enacted it.» Clare was afterwards viewed speaking with Alli concerning kiss. Clare and you can Eli are at Eli’s locker speaking of the latest dancing when Fitz comes up and after a few remarks, Fitz have Eli from inside the a mind-secure given that Clare watches when you look at the amaze. When an instructor walks of the, Fitz lets Eli go. Eli and Clare explore Fitz, and you may Eli states «the only method to stop an effective bully is always to remain your terrified.» Clare now offers which he «could just put reasonable which have [his] partner.» Eli after that grins and you may complies by claiming «spin my personal rubberized arm, girlfriend,» as they disappear smiling. After, while you are by yourself which have Clare, Fitz threatens so you’re able to damage Eli until Clare goes to the latest moving having him. Clare accepts but is unpleasant. At first, Eli is okay in it but the guy later concerns Clare’s house or apartment with Ipecac and you can asks Clare to get they inside Fitz’s drink at the dance. Clare declines and you may storms aside.

Clare visits pick Eli, gonna simply tell him Fitz enjoys a knife

In most Falls Off (2), Clare attempts to prevent the fresh new feud anywhere between Eli and you can Fitz, however when Eli’s tainted take in explanations Fitz to help you vomit, Fitz brings forth a knife in search for your. Clare immediately informs Principal Simpson, that is with the institution becoming put in lockdown as the law enforcement lookup the college. She finds out your when you look at the a hall, but it is far too late. Fitz threatens Eli into blade and also him cornered, prepared to strike, with Clare viewing in the petrified surprise. Within last time the guy plunges the newest knife toward the neighborhood locker. And here the authorities see them and take Fitz towards the custody.