And on top of that they are still giving out loans as of today

Hi Jenny, Just curious when you received the payment coming soon email? Hoping to get an idea of how long it took for payment to go out after that email. Thanks!

Yeah it said estimate, but that estimate is/was WAY OFF! I’m sure people were expecting close to the amount that they estimated, that is what I was getting at

Here is the verbiage from the email this morning: Your distribution payment of $ from the settlement of the class action lawsuit Solomon, et al. v. , et al. No. 4:17-cv-0145-HCM-RJK, approved by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, is now available. Pursuant to the terms of the Court-approved Settlement, each payment was calculated pursuant to the Cash Award formula detailed Please click on “Accept Your Payment” below to immediately receive your distribution payment.

They hired a third party to distribute the payments…I guess they got a big chunk of money also! OUR MONEY!

So i called american web loan to see if i could still get a loan and they said yes and the interest is still the same so can some one tell me if there was a lawswit how can they still do this shit

Well my family and friends all think that we are being led on. We called and just get vague answers of when payments will be recived. I’ve called through separate days. One said that payments are sent every day since the first Friday of the month. Another said they were sending payments every Friday to a set amount of people until this last Friday which would be the 29th. And I even had one lady say that I might not even recive my payment and have to call back if I don’t see it by the end of the month like what kind of reassurance is that. What if this is just to prevent us from taking more action against us. If I’m correct they would be shut down if the lawsuit actually was a thing. Anyways I have my parents who are gonna have a lawyer look at the final agreement and have it better summed up and make sure it’s legal. It looks legal but apparently lots of things can be faked/forged.

Yes we should of got this money already if they dtarted dending it on friday i really think this is a scam but im not counting on this money anymore

I was thinking the same thing….as many people who are following this thread and the number of us who got the “coming soon” email. you would think at least one of us would have gotten paid by now. I think they will send out a massive group on the very last day of the month.

Curious, online payday loans in DE what is the law that says they have to pay by November 1. I didn’t think there was a time limit on paying out class action suits. Are they bound by a November 1 deadline or is that just based on their statements.

American Web Loan, Inc

I think it is interesting that they started sending the money this past Friday yet no one in this group got it. They are sending it daily and no one in this group got it! Not one person. Lol We are from different states and tiers. Unbelievable!

Well if you do the math it states all payments will be received by November 1st given there are over 700 thousand class members that comes out to about 65000 digital payment emails a day