purchase discounts debit or credit

It is mainly maintained by a company that uses a periodic inventory system. A discount received is the reverse situation, where the buyer of goods or services is granted a discount by the seller. The examples just noted for a discount allowed also apply to a discount received.

  • This is a quick way to compare the differences between how the two methods record the details involved with inventory.
  • Cash discount is the type of discount that we usually receive on the credit purchase when we make the cash payment within a discount period (e.g. within 10 days of the purchase).
  • Be aware that the income statement for a merchandising company may not present all of this detail.
  • When the closing entries above are posted and a post-closing trial balance prepared as shown below, notice that the Merchandise Inventory account reflects the correct balance based on the physical inventory count.

In this term, it means that the business would receive a cash discount of 2% if the business makes payment within the credit term of 30 days. For example, if a company purchases $100 worth of goods and receives a 10% discount, the total amount of the cash paid will be reduced to $90. The company will record the purchase discount as a credit to the purchase discount account and a debit to the accounts payable account $100. The credit term usually specifies the amount of discount together with the time period it offers, e.g. “2/10 net 30” or “2/10 n/30”.

Periodic inventory system

The purchase of merchandise inventory may also involve the payment of transportation and handling costs. These are all costs necessary to prepare inventory for sale, and all such costs are included in the Merchandise Inventory account. A purchase discount is a reduction in the amount repayable to a supplier.

  • Importantly, storage costs, insurance, interest and other similar costs are considered to be period costs that are not attached to the product.
  • Purchase returns and allowances are subtracted from purchases to calculate the amount of net purchases for a period.
  • The retailers are likely to pay the vendors in full before the due date if they will get a slight discount on the price.
  • BMX LTD as part of its purchases promotion campaign has offered to sell their bikes at a 10% discount on their listed price of $100.
  • Recall that the cost of this vehicle in the Excel Merchandise Inventory account is $2,798, as shown below.

The sale of the vehicle that cost $3,000 results in a 25% gross profit percentage ($1,000/4,000). That is, for every $1 of sales, the company has $.25 left to cover other expenses after deducting cost of goods sold. Readers of financial statements use this percentage as a means to evaluate the performance of one company against other companies in the same industry, or in the same company from year to year.

Wells Fargo Reflect® Card

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